We need your help to have a great morning!
We welcome classes offered by moms or teens who are willing to teach.
We would love to continue our tradition of involving all 7th-12th graders to teach classes, take pictures, walk children to classes, or babysit. We also welcome people from the community who might be willing to offer a class – college students, relatives, parishioners, or older neighbors.
Please note the class title, expense, class size limit (if any) and needed materials.
Also, please note for which groups the class would be appropriate – kindergartners, 1st-2nd grades, 3rd-4th grades, and 5th-6th grades. Kindergarten classes are 28 min. each; all others last 45 min.
You also can opt to teach the older kids at Skills Night, if you prefer, and your children can participate in both.
If you have a 6th grader – remember, this is the year he or she can do both Skills Day and Skills Night.
This is a co-op — your children can participate in this wonderful morning as long as you or your teen teach, babysit or offer use of your home for the classes.
The children always have a wonderful time — we think it’s worth the effort to put this together. Won’t you help us by offering a class (or two)? You don’t have to be original; many classes are perennial favorites. If you are unsure what to offer, but willing to help out, please let us know. Moms who have had babies in the last 3 months or are due just prior to Skills Day are exempt from teaching or nursery care.
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