Services Offered

THINK LITURGICALLY, act Catholically. These are week-at-a-glance calendar books with enough space on the (~9×12″ total) two-page spread for appointments, grocery lists, to do lists, whatever you like to keep track of all in one place. Some order one for each child and use them for lesson planners and/or records. Some order one for each spouse. Some order them as gifts for their priest friends and relatives. (Their original purpose is to serve as a record of Masses and other statistics that priests maintain of their sacramental service.)
The liturgical part starts with the fact that the calendar begins with the beginning of the church year, the first Sunday of Advent. So you get an extra month, since it goes through December of the next year. (Also pages for each month of the following year.) Each day has the feast(s) of the Roman Calendar noted, with the first reading and Gospel reference, secular holidays and other helpful information. The liturgical color of the day or season is indicated by the ruled lines, as well as by a chasuble icon which suggests to the priest what his options are that day.
These planners retail for $15.75; I make them available at cost (40% off plus a small amount for shipping), which will probably be about $10. There are other versions–a pocket size month at a glance for ~$4, a larger format weekly desk calendar (both of them having the full Roman Calendar information) and a two-page spread month-at-a- glance wall calendar which just has major feasts and secular holidays, being marketed to the denominations as well as the Church.
I have found that over the years my awareness of the saints as living persons has grown in good part because of this calendar (coupled with the focus the prayers of “their” Masses gives). Feel free to call and order one or ask me any questions. Sandi at 284-1004.

In the fall come enjoy the Franciscan University St. Francis Medieval Festival/Homecoming weekend. Cindy Welker and Shawn Dougherty are responsible for coordinating any off-campus vendors (which includes any homeschoolers that would like to participate). You MUST sign up in advance and any food booths must be coordinated through SODEXO on campus. You can contact Shawn through Franciscan University.

Eileen Marrow does any occasion photography. Senior portraits, weddings, anniversary parties, bridal and baby showers, and sporting events. Nothing captures the moment like the memory of a photograph. If you’re interested or have any questions please call 632-3930

Tambi Mazar offers her services for any sewing projects or alterations. For more information contact her at: 9 Hazelwood Drive, Wintersville, OH 43953, 740-314-5542