Music & Art Lessons

They are every other Weds. morning from 10:30 to 12:00 and the cost is $8.50. The ages are from 6 to 12. Every week we do something different. We have done crafts, art appreciation, art history, etc. Please call CMA by the day before and let Diana know how many and the ages so she can be prepared the next day. 264-3111.

Ronald DuBois teaches private lessons on piano and classical guitar to children, teens, and adults. Lesson times are available at his home studio in Steubenville or at The Pittsburgh Music Academy in Carnegie, PA.
Mr. DuBois has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from West Virginia University, a Master of Music Theory degree from Duquesne University, and extensive training in the Suzuki Music Method. For further information, call 282-6671.

Miss Casey Palmer is the new organist at St. Peter’s. Casey has her teacher certification and a degree in Sacred Music/Organ from Franciscan University. She is now offering piano and organ lessons (organ lessons require intermediate piano experience) with integrated music theory for $12 / 30 minute lesson.
Please contact Casey Palmer at: phone no. 928-245-3376 or email caseybpalmer at

Marianne DuBois offers soprano and alto recorder lessons to children and adults. Please call 282-6671 for further information.

VIOLIN LESSONS (private & group)
Karen Axt has been teaching private and group violin lessons since graduating from Franciscan University in 2006. This summer she will be relocating to Steubenville and welcomes students of all ages. She is also hoping to offer Baby Suzuki music classes for ages 1 – 4 yrs, which would be a weekly group class that teaches pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the fine motor skills to prepare babies and toddlers to eventually play the violin (beginning at age 2 1/2 at the earliest). Lessons will be given at St. Peters church in Steubenville. If you are interested in lessons, please contact Karen as soon as possible. Her contact info can be found on her website:.

My name is Sabrina Lively and I am currently taking piano and voice students.
My approach to teaching is a classical piano style where students learn to read, write and play music as they develop a solid foundation in music theory. As they grow in their ability to play chords we also branch out to play songs from church.
Whether your child has some piano background or none, please feel free to call. I am also open to teaching adults if you or someone you know would like to learn to play the piano. I strongly believe that it is never too late to learn to play this wonderful instrument.
I hope to be hearing from you soon and helping to bring music into your home,

Sabrina Lively
740-284-0060 home
740-424-9733 cell
Education and experience: BA in Music Education and has received years of instruction in both piano and voice.

The Center of Music and Art is pleased to extend an invitation to the homeschool community to join us in enriching the lives of children and young adults through the arts. The Center has long held to the principle that in education, as in life, it is personal attention that can bring out the best in us. Our excellent teacher to student ratio means that attention to the individual is a central part of our instructional philosophy.

This fall, we invite and welcome you to join us as we seek to serve the homeschool community through music, art, and drama education. We offer a homeschool art class the first and third Wednesday of each month. There are spaces available for private lessons in any type of instrument, voice, and art throughout the day. Many local homeschool students are already taking advantage of our flexible daytime scheduling.

We would also like to assist you in meeting the education needs of your children. Our excellent staff of trained professionals has experience in teaching a wide variety of subjects: art and music appreciation, music theory, choral ensembles, drama classes, and much more. We are planning to offer a Spanish language class and a homeschool chorus in the near future. We can also customize a group class of at least six students to suit your schedule.

Enrollment has also begun for the 2011 Fall Kindermusik program, which begins the last week of August and is designed for children age 3 months to 7 years. Kindermusik International is the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for young children, enjoyed by over 1 million families in more than 60 countries. Certified instructors Alicia Hernon and Carolyn Glaub would be happy to welcome your children into the program.

Whatever your needs may be, The Center of Music and Art is ready to assist you. We welcome your input for class ideas and any other ways we can help. Feel free to call us at 740-264-3111 to discuss your needs or to schedule a meeting in person. You may email us at {all one just separated to reduce spam} contact @, or visit our website
for more information.