Junior High at Mary Seat of Wisdom Co-Op

For all homeschooling moms,

As you are all looking at your options for the Fall and planning out what you will be doing, I wanted to let you all know that our co-op offers once a week classes for PreK up to Jr High as well as the High School classes which meet twice a week.

The junior high classes, held on Tuesdays, can be taken individually and the parents do not have to stay for the day. I know Junior High can be a difficult time for the parent/child/teacher relationship so this co-op can be a great resource for you! Last year our students read and discusses classics like Macbeth, the Knights of the Round Table, Caedmon’s Hymn, the Canterbury Tales and more. They wrote essays every week, did science labs, and painted icons while learning about Medieval Art! It was a fun year, but challenging for the kids.

This year we have Jen Macre teaching Latin, Jeanette Roberts teaching Literature, Stephanie Rivers teaching Logic and Speech, Shana Buck doing Art Appreciation, and Annie McKenna (who is new to the area, but an experienced IEW teacher) will be teaching writing using IEW’s US Based History Writing. Now that we are offering high school classes on the same day, some parents may find it helpful to bring their junior high student in for classes at the same time. Please let me know if you are interested in this and I can give you more details.

All our classes will be held at Sacred Heart Villa at the end of Lover’s Lane. This is a beautiful building in a secluded area right off the main road and surrounded by woods. It is a great blessing to have this facility! It is convenient, safe, and supplies all our needs. As always, you can go towww.maryseatofwisdomcc.com for more information and to access our brochure and registration sheets.

Call me at 740-418-8585 with any questions! We begin Sept 9th!

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