Frequently Asked Questions:

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed when thinking about teaching high school?”

No, you aren’t. That may or may not be reassuring! But try to take it one step at a time. Making the decision to homeschool through high school takes commitment, careful thought, and prayer! You will quickly find that you are not alone—others have successfully homeschooled through high school, and numerous avenues of support are available.

I’m not sure that I can teach at the high school level. Do I need to be an expert in every subject?
No one is an expert in everything! But don’t underestimate yourself. You are training your child to be an independent learner, so be a good example and learn right along with him! Teaching your child to tackle a subject and stick with it until the material is learned is a great experience for life. Well-respected publishers of high school-level curriculum do most of the work for you. Teacher guides, CDs, videos, lesson plans, tests, and quizzes are available from most publishers. As a starting point, check out these curriculum possibilities.

Will my teen be prepared for his post-high school goals?
Homeschooling high school is no longer uncharted territory, and obstacles that made it difficult in the past have been remedied. Homeschooling has matured in many ways, and there are a multitude of homeschooled graduates who are bearing fruit in the workplace, in the military, in their families, and in colleges across the country. If you are called to homeschool through high school, you can do it!

Where do I begin when thinking about homeschooling my high schooler?
Sit down and talk with your child—what are his current interests? What vocation does she feel called to? What additional schooling or training will he need after high school to accomplish his goals? Is college a consideration? Vocational school? Family business or entrepreneurial endeavor? Becoming a wife and mother? Are there subject areas that your child has great aptitude in, or other subject areas in which he has a special interest?
Map out a general plan you will follow during the high school years that will move your child toward his future goals. This may require a rigorous academic course load in high school, or it may require specialized training in a vocational trade or an apprenticeship with a local businessman.

How can I find the time to teach and prepare for all those high school subjects?
Consider your family and your circumstances. If you are also teaching younger children, you may want to consider these options to ease your teaching load:

taking high school courses taught by someone in our group
taking a class or two from a local high school
online high school courses
community college or FUS courses
DVD, video, or CD courses
satellite courses
distance learning programs
In addition, you may want to teach a couple of courses with another family or hire a tutor for a particular subject. One important item to remember is that flexibility is the key so each year determine the time or energy constraints you have. Take advantage of the summer months to plan and to investigate curriculum, as well as to read novels that you will be teaching during the school year. Taking time to plan in advance will produce benefits that you will appreciate throughout the school year.