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Many of these links have been submitted by Heart of Mary Homeschoolers; however, due to the fact that websites can change at any moment, we cannot assure you that these sites are appropriate for Catholic Homeshcoolers. Please use your own discretion.

If you have a link you would like to share with us or if you find a link that no longer works or is inappropriate please {click here} to send us an email. Please submit the website name, a brief description, and the link.


Curriculum Help
Math help/curriculum
Learning Disabled Helps
All Kinds of Minds
Algebra (does calculations)
High School Literature (Cliffnotes kind of thing)
Book Notes (Cliffnotes kind of thing)
General Curriculum Help, subscription based, content generation
Huge Content Collection Online
Booklists of Children’s Literature
Nature Reading
Huge Collection of Catholic Homeschooling Resources
How products are made 
Environmental Conservation from a Maigsterially-Adherent Catholic Viewpoint
Through the Ohio Public Library System (history sources): Especially geared toward genealogy and family history
Kids’ Science Challenge The Kids’ Science Challenge is a nationwide competition where kids learn about four fun scientific fields and then submit a question, problem, or experiment to be solved. The scientific fields are: flavor science, water quality, skateboard engineering, and the search for life in outer space.
Journey to the Stars Planetarium show – order your FREE copy click on The journey begins here at the bottom of the page.